I am currently studying BEng (Hons) Cyber Security and Forensics. At University, I am a member of the security society and have started taking part in CTF challenges. My interests are mainly in Security, Open Source Software and Programming. In my spare time, I have started to dabble in reverse engineering and Malware research. I finally went to my first tech conference in 2018 and plan to start attending more.


Though I studied Computer Science in High School, it wasn’t until I left that I really got into computers, specifically, when I was introduced to Linux. I started working part time at a local computer repair shop and spent all of my free time teaching myself programming and Linux. Then I was hired as a developer and system administrator at a design company and Managed Services Provider. Working at the design company was a lot of fun. However, after a couple of years, I decided to go to University.

This Blog:

The main topics I want to cover in my blog are as follows:

Updates on what I have been doing.

Tutorials covering topics relating to my interests and education in Computing subjects.

I would also like to write up solutions to CTF challenges.

Contact and Social Media:

I am currently not providing a direct means to contact me such as an email address or contact form but you can reach out to me on Social Media.

Twitter: You can find me on Twitter for low volume posts with blog updates, and retweets of anything I find interesting.

Github: As a student I get unlimited private repos which is mainly how I use GitHub. I hope to Open Source a couple of personal projects soon though.