I am currently working as an Incident Response consultant. I graduated university with a degree in Cybersecurity and Forensics where I was a member of the security society and I started taking part in CTF challenges in first year. My interests are mainly in Forensics, Cyber Security, Open Source Software, Programming and Reverse Engineering. However, I have found myself more and more interested in public-interest technology on account of realizing the impact technology has on society, politics and pretty much everything! I finally went to my first tech conference in 2018 and have since attended many more.


As a kid, I liked computers and out of curiosity, often experimented, making them do things they weren’t meant to. In 2014 I turned ‘professional’ and started working as a computer repair technician which led to a SRE role at a small MSP. During this early time I was lucky enough to have some amazing mentors with huge experience and generosity with their time. While studying at uni, I completed internships every year including a forensics research project at a university, a year long placement doing Security Engineering at a Fortune 100 company and two summer internships in Incident Response at a well known Cyber Security startup.

This Blog:

The main topics I want to cover in my blog are as follows:

DFIR research, sharing analysis tools & techniques and write-ups of interesting artifacts.

Tutorials covering topics relating to my interests and education in computing, security and forensics.

I would also like to write up solutions to CTF challenges.

Contact and Social Media:

I am currently not providing a direct means to contact me such as an email address or contact form but you can reach out to me on Social Media.

Twitter: You can find me on Twitter for low volume posts with blog updates, and retweets of anything I find interesting.

Github: I get paid to write code so there’s very little here. If I ever have time to make anything cool in my spare time, this is where you’ll find it. Or more concisely:

Joey doesn't share code meme


If you have the means, please join me in supporting the EFF who defend civil liberties online and the FreeBSD Foundation for their work maintaining the finest Operating System on the planet!

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